The person behind the name

Rather despondently I glance at the open book in front of me – home work. I let out a sigh while my eyes wander off to a photograph in my diary. As I start sketching absentmindedly and my pencil makes scribbly noises, a likeness begins to appear on the paper. A passion is born…


Let me introduce myself. My name is Alies Bruinsma, and I was born in 1991. To me, drawing is a hobby run wild, or, more accurately, a solace when I’m temporarily fed up with words. In 2012 I graduated with a Bachelor in Dutch language, soon followed by a Master’s degree in Neurolinguistics. Even though I enjoyed my studies immensely, my second love will always be art.

For quite some time after discovering my passion for portrait drawing, I considered myself mainly as a fan artist. Most of my drawings were portraits of actors and musicians. Even though that doesn’t bring in much income wise, this form of art gave me the opportunity to develop myself as a person as well as my skills. It also turned out to be an excellent first step towards further recognition as an artist.

Following my first ventures into art, I was asked to draw for The Terrible Zodin, an international fan magazine. In addition, one of my drawings got published in the Dutch film magazine Schokkend Nieuws and I got the opportunity to showcase my work at different national conventions.

With the arrival of 2015 I now have my first exposition to look forward to! A fine moment to plan the next step in improving my skills: more original drawings, mostly of people and animals in my immediate surroundings. At this point I also feel confident and eager to accept commission work.


My work

There’s no point being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes

~ Fourth Doctor (Doctor Who)

The quote above has always run like a red thread through my drawing process. During a drawing session my enthusiasm is often stimulated by the ‘goofy face’ on the photograph I’m working from. If a particular expression fires my imagination, I will want to start drawing it immediately. A person’s face is often the focus in my drawings.

Even though, on occasion, I experiment with new techniques, my work can generally be divided into two categories:

  • Drawings on white A4-paper. In these drawings I usually create highlights and shadows by using two or three different pencils (HB, B, or 4B). I often use eraser- and brush techniques as well.
  • Drawings on grey A5 hobby cardboard. In these drawings I usually create highlights and shadows by using an interplay between different types of pencils (HB, B, or 4B), coloured paper and white pencils. Again, I also use eraser- and brush techniques.
    [I let myself be inspired by digital drawings by Doctor Who-artist Girl-On-The-Moon]


The business name

"Eurasia; landmass containing the traditional continents of Europe and Asia"

~ Wikipedia

“Say, Alies… How did you come up with the name Eurasia-Art?" My pupils dilate several micro-millimetres and my heart starts beating faster, even as the organiser of my first exposition hesitantly skips to the next question: “What does Eurasia actually stand for?”

My proverbial cold sweat translates itself into a nervous giggle. The contract, lying on the table in front of me, seems further away than ever. What do they expect next? Most likely some high-flown, semi-intellectual explanation. In the back of my mind I hear my former literature professor: “Well, Alies, how does one recognise Eurasia in your work?” As far as I can tell, the noose around my career is already being tied.

All kidding aside, let’s be honest. There is no deeper meaning behind the name Eurasia-Art. Back in 2009 I realised that my earlier work, published on DeviantArt, wasn’t very representative of the progress I’d made earlier that year. Particularly if I wished to open a new account, as this required a brand new name. After a long moment of impulsive contemplation and an availability check on the site, I let myself be inspired by a track from rockband Muse: United States of Eurasia. The beauty of the word ‘Eurasia’ touched me…and a business name was born.



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