First Eurasia-Art exposition opens in Den Helder

At the end of March 2015 it is all finally coming true. A selection of my portrait drawings will be on show for three months as a solo-exposition in Den Helder. The exposition is an initiative of RCO De Hoofdzaak and will be open to everyone. The official, festive opening will be on 31 March.


“Art and Mental Health”

The title of this first exposition is: Art and Mental Health. This might not come as a surprise, considering the purpose of the foundation behind this exposition. Namely, RCO De Hoofdzaak is a client organisation by and for (ex-)clients with psychological  vulnerabilities. By hosting information evenings, courses, and other activities, they want to help clients and their relatives learn to understand these vulnerabilities and work together towards recovery. The exposition is an important part of the many recourses De Hoofdzaak has to offer.

How do I fit into this picture of psychological vulnerability?  First of all, as well as being a relative of someone with psychological problems, I also have a partner who encountered mental health issues in the past, but who now helps others at RCO De Hoofdzaak to find their way. Secondly, I myself am occasionally prone to attacks of derealisation. These are moments when my body takes a somewhat drastic approach to make me aware of the great deal of (emotional) stress I’m under.


Route description

The exposition will be held at the main building of RCO De Hoofdzaak in Den Helder. The opening itself will take place on Tuesday 31 March between 14:00 and 16:00.


RCO DE Hoofdzaak
Ruyghweg 55b
1781 DB Den Helder

Are you planning to use public transport?

RCO De Hoofdzaak is only approximately an eight minute walk away from Den Helder railway station.

Leave the railway station in the direction of the bus stops and walk towards Hotel Wienerhof. Turn right at the Parallelweg and continue on until you reach the traffic lights. At the traffic lights turn left onto Ruyghweg. Follow this road for about three minutes. You will find the RCO De Hoofdzaak to your left.

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