"A man is the sum of his memories. A Time Lord even more so."

~ Fifth Doctor (Doctor Who)

How can I best present my skills in portrait-drawing to others? The easiest way is of course to present my work as a whole. Past and present. So, that’s why you can now browse through my digital portfolio to judge my talents and skills for yourself. You may also get an impression of what I can still achieve over the years to come.

My portfolio is divided into three categories:

  • The category Original Art comprises drawings I made based on my own photographs, people I know, pets, or commission work.
  • The category Fan Art is a compilation of drawings I made based on photographs of actors and musicians. Prominent series in this category are Doctor Who and Sherlock.
  • The category Publications consist of scans and screenshots of someone else's work featuring mine, like fanzines and official media. 



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